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Amit Badiani, Founder of Simple CBD:

Simple CBD was formed purely by accident, My mum suffers from Alzheimer’s and was diagnosed 7 years ago, through alot of love and affection and herbal remedies we have kept her condition stable and her deterioration has been slow. Last year she stopped talking and wouldn’t communicate – other than a grunt. I spoke with the specialists and they assured me this was just a part of the deterioration process and fairly normal. Being of a stubborn nature I refused to accept this and took my search online and onto various forums to try and find a solution to this. I started to read about CBD Oil and the benefits it is having on Alzheimer’s patients and found somebody who’s Dad had also stopped communicating and CBD Oil had a positive effect.

I then started my own research into CBD Oil and found it a complete minefield. There were various types of CBD, different products, different strengths and different extraction processes all at different prices and most were American based. Luckily I found one person that guided me through this and found a UK based supplier that was completely transparent. They had their lab reports at hand and they were providing an ethical service designed to just help others. Another advantage this supplier had was that their extraction process formed Broad Spectrum CBD – this means it contains all the goodness but no THC – which is the part of the cannabis plant that makes you high.

I started to give my mum the CBD Oil and within two days she was communicating and talking again better than she had for the last three years – maybe it was a coincidence but her all round moods and actual dexterity and fine motor skills started to return. My mum has always been very spiritual and loved to read in the past and remarkably she started reading again after five years and now spends hours daily reciting and that gives her great peace of mind.

From this I believed in CBD and was telling most people I know about the benefits and how it is helping my mum and others started to ask me to supply them and from there formed a partnership with my supplier and we grew organically into a business.

One of the difficulties I initially faced when buying CBD was the complications of the various oils/strengths/dosages etc so Simple CBD Ltd was formed to get over this issue and keep things simple and provide the highest quality CBD products at an affordable price.

Being ethical is paramount to us and as such 10% of our profits are donated to Alzheimer’s based charities.

Simple CBD Benefits

  • Various Strengths Available
  • No Prescription Required
  • No Side Effects
  • Helping Anxiety and Depression
  • Pain Relief and more.
  • An Ethical Brand Donating 10% of All Profits to Charity.

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Simple CBD has found tonnes of people in need of CBD that simply do not know how to use and apply the product. To make things easier, we’ve developed a page full of helpful information for you to absorb at your hearts content

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